My time management pie isn’t looking very tasty as of right now, I think it could use some improvements. Maybe it needs to be just a little bit sweeter with some more date nights, but without more balance between school and work, my crust might crumble. Making a structured schedule will definitely make my pie more enticing and giving myself a break very now and then will make my recipe even better! Most of my time goes straight to my pillow, but oddly enough I feel like I don’t get nearly as much sleep as I should. The least amount of time goes to grooming (I promise I shower and take care of myself!) I am just too tired in the mornings to really fix my hair or makeup and I don’t have a lot of clothes so it doesn’t take long to decide what to wear. I think my schedule could definitely use more balance, but multitasking is my savior for right now. It may not seem so severe in my pie chart but a huge time waster of mine is commuting, it’s not really something I can change either. I mean without it I couldn’t do the things I need to but I can’t multitask while driving so it seems like a waste of time sometimes. I think the ABC List is a good tool to use to get my schedule on the right track, I guess I’ll have to try it out! One of my big goals is to make the Dean’s List and if I manage my time better, and study hard, I will reach it.


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MBTI Results/Discoveries

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After doing the assessment I found out what every letter meant and quickly came to the assumption that I was an INFP. When we got our results back I wasn’t disappointed, I was right on every single one. Among many other traits, people with this classification tend to have a strong value system, a warm interest in people, are creative and inspirational, prefer working alone, and want to be seen/appreciated for who they are. Right on the money! So I looked into careers that fit my personality and found a ton of cool information about paths I had always thought of following. The ones that most appealed to me were: Art Therapist, Physical Therapist, and Psychiatrist. In each of these careers it would be just me, (not a team) helping people who have been through hardships and that is important to me. As I looked into art therapy I thought it was perfect to combine my two passions, doing my art and helping others but the money and stability just aren’t in the cards. Next I looked at physical therapy; although the money is good and it is intended to help people, I wouldn’t like to be constantly forcing physical pain onto someone, even though it would help them recover in the end. So how about a psychiatrist? (I have always wanted to be in a psychology class, it seems so interesting!) Well, they help people, they have creative freedoms, they make boat loads of money, they have decent job security and they aren’t just sitting at a desk all day doing math. I flipped though my packet and looked at the strengths for my personality type, and without even reading them I had done 4/5 things that were suggested; I reflected on what is truly important to me, I thought about the long-term prospects, I remained open as I explored the different careers, and I considered how others might be affected. Before now, I was considering going into engineering so I looked on my list and it is actually one of the least popular occupations for my personality, so I flipped the page back to most popular and found psychiatrist right there, two down from the top! Even though it requires more school, maybe it is what is meant for me. I mean nothing is set in stone but when weighing the options and comparing my own interests to the job field, it looks pretty promising. One step at a time, I’m finding myself.

My Red Rubber Ball

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Road Trip Nation.. hmm. 

Well considering the fact that I am an undecided major without a clue as to which career might be for me, I don’t know who to interview. Maybe an artist or an engineer, maybe a philanthropist or someone in advertising; I want to know the different types of people it takes to be in certain careers and where my personality will fit in best. Not only that, but what I would actually enjoy doing? I like to paint, draw or create to relieve stress but it’s just something to keep me going, not something I want to devote my life to. I like math, but do I really want to sit at a desk every day doing math? I hear that rich people will always need someone to count their money, but accounting is not much fun, at all. No, I don’t think that’s for me. I want to help people, to make a difference in the world but I don’t really have much interest in the medical field. As for philanthropy, you have to actually HAVE money to give it away. So where do I start? What career path do I need to take so that I can support myself and my family, still let my voice be heard, and not dread going to work everyday? I thought about being a therapist at one point, specializing in loss/grief but I’m too afraid that I’d get attached to every client and their stories would cause me too much stress and worry. If I took a look into engineering, I’d have no idea what type or what field I’d be interested in but I only hear great things. I don’t want to own my own business but I want something that will interest me and the benefits will outweigh the negative areas. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME A CAREER THAT WILL ENSURE FINANCIAL STABILITY AND GIVE ME EVERYTHING I’M LOOKING FOR!  😡 There is no doubt why I’m in this class. I’m clueless as to who/what I want to be!     


Bucket List

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As far as goals are concerned for my undergrad studies at UNT, I’d really like to complete the following items (no specific order):

  • Make life-long friends: I have always heard that college is where you meet the friends you’ll have for the rest of your life, so I want to find them asap! (:
  • Make a difference: I want my name to be remembered and I want people to say that in the life I lived, no matter how long it may be, that I was a good person.
  • Take a trip to Africa: It has always been a dream of mine to go to Africa and do my part in the war against hunger. I might even bring home a child and give him/her the life that they deserve, a chance to be successful and help others the way I helped them.
  • Overcome my fear of public speaking: Maybe I can be the voice in someone’s head that stops them from falling into peer pressure or getting into a vehicle when they’ve already been drinking. Maybe I can save a life.
  • Make the Dean’s List: School is very important to me and I’d really like to be the best I can be and get the grades I know I can!
  • Make them proud: In my life no matter how great I do, certain people just don’t seem impressed. I’d like for them to not only say that they are proud, but to actually mean it and I will do anything to reach this goal.
  • Achieve a good balance: Between work, school, a boyfriend, an adorable hedgehog, my art, and my family; some things are getting less attention than they deserve and I’d really like to find that balance where everything falls together.
  • Get in shape: I’m tired of talking about it, it’s time to actually do it. 
  • Go to the Cowboys/Eagles games every year: The Philadelphia Eagles are my team and Ryan’s is the Dallas Cowboys, I really enjoy going to those games with him every December. I think he secretly loves that I’m an Eagles fan. :p
  • Figure out where my life is headed: I don’t know my major, I don’t know my career, and I think I’m lost. I need to find myself.   



I almost forgot to post about my baby! This is Simon, my hedgehog, I love him to death!

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