Student Money Management Center

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized


On thursday, we had two speakers from the SMMC come to our class. They taught us about budgeting, saving, and priorities. We did an exercise in which we were split into groups, given $700 (hypothetically), and had we had to decide what we would spend our money on in a zombie apocalipse. After we had written down what we bought and the amount we saved, we were put through several tests and the team who came out with the least lives lost and the most money left was the winner. My team won! We only lost one member and still had a safe blanket of money leftover. I think the SMMC is a very helpful place and I plan to pay them a few visits in the near future. We also talked about having savings and an emergency fund and we discussed the difference between the two. I definitely need to do some budgeting and take some advice from them; I’m going to start tracking my money with a pen and paper again, it was really helpful when i got my first job but I have strayed pretty far from it. It kind of shocked me how much the average college student spends on “fun,” but when I really looked at my money I realized that I spend just as much on my spoiled boyfriend(; but I don’t mind so much because I take care of bills first. I liked this presentation more than the “Reality Check,” it was more fun and presented better and with more confidence; I felt like they were much more relatable and comfortable presenters.


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