Working as a Team

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized


Teamwork is not my strong suit, I don’t like to feel like I’m not in control but I don’t like doing all of the work for others either. I think it’s important in a team to recognize everyone’s abilities and to make sure everyone is doing their part, that being said, I have not found a team that I work well in so far. Maybe it will be different in my career field because we will all be of common interests and have shared goals but as for school, I HATE group work. I think leadership skills are important when dealing with teams, not just people who try to do it all by themselves but people who take the initiative and contribute structure to the team, someone who will assign parts for everyone to do or set up the appropriate times to meet. I also think it is important for team members to value each other, if someone has no respect for you then why would they do what you asked them to do? Being part of a team also has a lot to do with communication, nothing can or will get done without it. Probably the only thing I like about group work is presenting in front of an audience, when you have others up there with you, even if they are just as nervous as you are, it takes some of the pressure off of you and helps you to relax.


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