Strong Interest Inventory Results

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My Results

Just as I thought, my highest themes from the Strong Assessment were conventional, investigative, and artistic (CIA), although I did imagine them in a different order. I figured artistic would be my highest, then conventional, then investigative; but either way, I am positive that these themes describe me perfectly. Of the top ten occupations it provided for me, I chose Occupational Therapist. I know for sure that I want to go into some therapy related field so I looked into it, and Occupational therapy is a good career for a person like me. It requires creative thinking and helping people, those two factors are important to me in my career search!


Style Scales Preferences

1. I prefer working alone.

2. I enjoy learning by doing.

3. I’d prefer to lead by example.

4. I am comfortable taking some risks.

5. I enjoy the role of independent contributor.

(I agree fully with all of the above)


Typical College Majors

Typical college majors for my personality type are most of the majors I was already considering, the three I liked most were accounting (C), psychology (I), and architecture (A). Accounting which falls under the Conventional theme is more on the organized side of things; it involves keeping records, working with numbers, and paying close attention to detail. They probably matched me to accounting because of the structural aspect and my preference for math. Psychology is in the investigative group and as of now is my top major choice; it is the field I have the most interest and the most ties to. The investigative group is for solving abstract problems, researching, and has a strong independent base.  I think psychology was a chosen major because it fulfills my desire to help people and still gives me my independence. In the artistic group, I found architecture which is a career that I really wanted to pursue for a very long time, it involves numbers, creativity, independence and imagination. I believe it is a possible major for me because it is a good mixture of my interests: art, math, and doing my part for the world.


Learning Environment

It’s suggested that I like applying learning to everyday life and learning through hands-on experience and that I will probably prefer learning through labs, internships, and work-study programs rather than traditional classroom lectures. I agree with my learning environment results, I’d much rather physically apply what I’ve learned to real world scenarios than to just hear or read about the process. I don’t often struggle in school but I feel like I’d do a lot better in a more hands-on environment, the problem is that I really hate group work. It’s hard for me to trust my group to actually do what they say they will and it’s hard knowing that my grade is based on their efforts, not just my own.

Combining Strong and Myers-Briggs

  • structured/orderly
  • stable/secure
  • hierarchical
  • focused on precision and accuracy
  • authentic self-expression
  • easily connect everyday routines to the bigger picture
  • decisions promote harmony
  • self-expression through creativity and relationships
  • being creative within set guidelines
  • cooperative business environments
  • personalizing information in decision making
  • projects that benefit others

It says that my concern for human development and innovation may be viewed by others and soft or impractical or as a sign that I lack focus, but I don’t find that to be true. To me helping others is one of the greatest things you can do in life, and if someone looks down on me for that then that someone is probably not a person I want in my life.


Weirdest Career Match

My career match that I found to be the weirdest was a buyer, I’m not sure why it was even on my list. When I did further research, I found out that the themes most commonly associated with being a buyer are Realistic and Enterprising which happened to be my lowest on the Strong Scale. I’m not a good negotiator and I really don’t like teamwork. I guess maybe it was chosen because it involves math?? Either way, it’s not going to make the cut!

Asking Myself About Psychology

Q: Is this an environment that is committed to what I hold important, and a place where people cooperate to achieve common goals?

A: Yes, I value the wellness of others and a career in psychology is a good way to help out the people around me and yes people will be working together to achieve common goals in my workplace.


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