My Red Rubber Ball

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Road Trip Nation.. hmm. 

Well considering the fact that I am an undecided major without a clue as to which career might be for me, I don’t know who to interview. Maybe an artist or an engineer, maybe a philanthropist or someone in advertising; I want to know the different types of people it takes to be in certain careers and where my personality will fit in best. Not only that, but what I would actually enjoy doing? I like to paint, draw or create to relieve stress but it’s just something to keep me going, not something I want to devote my life to. I like math, but do I really want to sit at a desk every day doing math? I hear that rich people will always need someone to count their money, but accounting is not much fun, at all. No, I don’t think that’s for me. I want to help people, to make a difference in the world but I don’t really have much interest in the medical field. As for philanthropy, you have to actually HAVE money to give it away. So where do I start? What career path do I need to take so that I can support myself and my family, still let my voice be heard, and not dread going to work everyday? I thought about being a therapist at one point, specializing in loss/grief but I’m too afraid that I’d get attached to every client and their stories would cause me too much stress and worry. If I took a look into engineering, I’d have no idea what type or what field I’d be interested in but I only hear great things. I don’t want to own my own business but I want something that will interest me and the benefits will outweigh the negative areas. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME A CAREER THAT WILL ENSURE FINANCIAL STABILITY AND GIVE ME EVERYTHING I’M LOOKING FOR!  😡 There is no doubt why I’m in this class. I’m clueless as to who/what I want to be!     


  1. ryan1hart says:

    we both have things in common like we dont know what we want to do . and that we want to talk to someone in the career field

  2. caudleamanda says:

    Girl, honestly, I think you should do whatever the heck you want. Pick a major with not a lot career options, do what you LOVE. Not what everyone is telling you to do or what would be the worlds view of “responsible”.

    • I’m not at all worried about what the world views me as, I just want to be stable financially. My life has had far too many struggles with money, I don’t want any part of that anymore! I can still do/sell art on the side, you know.. be a “starving artist” at night, but “bring home the bacon” during the day. I do want to be happy and do what I love but what I love will not keep me safe from debt and money issues. That’s the problem.

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